Data Recovery Process

Our Data Recovery process

Ankita Systems offers you a complete data recovery solution against data lost. Our services are very convenient and all you have to do is ship your media to us. Our data recovery specialist will analyze and recover your confidential and vital data with the help of our unique process in the following steps:

1. Ship your device to our lab in Pune, INDIA.

Please read Packing and Shipping Instructions and send your drive to us for a no-cost evaluation. Our secure service form will help us get the information we need to provide you with the best service possible.

2. You will receive an E-mail / SMS when we receive your device

Once your drive arrives at our lab, we'll create a Work Order for the same. Once Work Order is generated then you will receive an Email / SMS with drive details which let you know it is safe and sound.

3. We begin the free evaluation process

Our data recovery experts will provide a free data recovery assessment. They will then give you a firm price quote for your case, whether the issue is physical hard drive repair, logical data recovery, or RAID data recovery. We will then send you a firm price quote and probability of success.

4. We will wait for your approval

We will wait for your approval. We will not proceed without your approval for the case.

5. We will recover as much of your data as possible

We strive to recover as much of the data that's important to you as possible. If the results of our efforts aren't perfectly crystal-clear, we show you a list of results so you can help us determine how successful our data recovery efforts are. You have no obligation to pay unless we have recovered your important data at an acceptable cost.

6. Make your payment and we'll ship your data

Submit your payment easily. Once we've received payment, we'll return or ship your data on a new external hard drive as per your instructions.

Real-time Tracking

Ankita Systems is only data recovery company where you can track your data recovery case real-time visiting  "TRACK YOUR CASE"  link of our website. You will require to enter basic details to authenticate yourself before checking realtime status.

We use only non-destructive data recovery processes. This means we pull data from your damaged media on a sector by sector basis. This will ensure your damaged media is not damaged further. The typical time for data recovery is 1-2 business days to complete. In some cases it may take longer to process if media is not responding to the tool properly resulting we have slow sector reading or difficulty in arranging parts. Ankita Systems provides one of the fastest turnaround times for data recovery in the industry.

We invite you to experience the Quality and feel the Difference